Here’s the scene where Jen keeps laughing from X-Men DOFP that a lot of people have been looking/asking for :) Go pre-order/buy the BluRay/DVD for more extras. 

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Cover Preview: Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hacking a “Sex Crime”

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DoFP GAG REEL - PART TWO (pt. 1 here)

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Due to Tumblr’s 5 minute video limit I had to cut this into two vids.

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X-men Days of future past: promo of deleted scene

OMG, now i need a scene of him changing her bandages.

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Oh my god. My poor Jen :(

Anonymous said: I can't see this whole thing being true. All everybody could talk about (costars and friends) was that Jennifer and Nick super in love. I couldn't see her moving on that fast from a four year relationship. Also they broke up because of schedules and she's gonna start dating a musician who's always on tour? Doesn't make sense.


Anonymous said: lol, poor Gwyneth, she lost 3 different guys in a row (Brad, Ben Affleck and Chris) to 3 different Jennifers. I bet she loves that name :D

Hahahahahaha omg I love this

Anonymous said: So you don't think is just a rumour? This so fucked up and makes no sense. I want joult back!

I would just like to wake up and have all of this just be a dream

Anonymous said: i don't care about joult but if it's confirmed that jennifer is dating chris martin i think she's quite lost tbh


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