Oh my god. My poor Jen :(

Anonymous said: I can't see this whole thing being true. All everybody could talk about (costars and friends) was that Jennifer and Nick super in love. I couldn't see her moving on that fast from a four year relationship. Also they broke up because of schedules and she's gonna start dating a musician who's always on tour? Doesn't make sense.


Anonymous said: lol, poor Gwyneth, she lost 3 different guys in a row (Brad, Ben Affleck and Chris) to 3 different Jennifers. I bet she loves that name :D

Hahahahahaha omg I love this

Anonymous said: So you don't think is just a rumour? This so fucked up and makes no sense. I want joult back!

I would just like to wake up and have all of this just be a dream

Anonymous said: i don't care about joult but if it's confirmed that jennifer is dating chris martin i think she's quite lost tbh


Anonymous said: Back in July when Jen was on the Coldplay concert and party it was reported that CM was flirting w her. Tbh, back then I thought it was just another fabrication. Now she apparently visited the Coldplay concert in NY last week and E! reported she & CM have been dating since the end of June. Idk how credible E! is. Sometimes they're right, sometimes not. I hope this clarifies the situation for you

… I knew the situation, I meant what the fuck is Jen doing with a 37 year old when she literally just got out of an almost four year relationship with a really incredible reasonably aged man.

Anonymous said: I thought this Chris Martin thing was just another rumour but she went ot NY for another Cold Play concert? Jen must really be sad by her break up because why would she go for a almost 40 yrs old guy father of two and so famous? the media won't leave her neck now. What do you think of this?

??????????? I don’t understand what Jen is doing ?????????

Anonymous said: Do you think there still a chance they didn't actually broke up or they are over for now? There are a few fans who still doubt they broke up the first time so maybe it's a PR thing again since we have a few signs they doing fine until june. Could be they are trying to preserve their relationship somehow or is this thought too crazy?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Jen has never been and will never be the type of person to date or break up for PR. She doesn’t believe in anything Hollywood, so why the fuck would she let the media talk about her relationship like that? Her relationship with Nick was the one thing she wanted to keep to herself, and you guys really think she would’ve sold it to the media so cheaply? Come on now. Jen and Nick are better than that. I’m actually upset that some Joulties think that she would do that. I believe they broke up. Both times. And I don’t know if they’ll get back together but if they do, that’s their business. If not, it wasn’t meant to be.

// My Teen Choice Awards Experience//


Hey guys! So if you didn’t know, I attended the TCAs tonight (welll, technically last night since it is now past midnight) and it was definitely an… Interesting… Experience.

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Hey joulties!!! I had an amazing day, check it out!

Anonymous said: It doesn't really seem like you like Jen, Joult, or THG anymore :(

I’m fine with all three. I just have a lot going on right now that a celebrity breakup seems extremely ridiculous to stress over.

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